Vehicle tracking

Integrated technology and commitment to protect your assets.

SERVNAC is ready to take care of you and your assets 24 hours a day. We carry out tracking services for cars, motorcycles, trucks, agricultural machines, fleets and any automotive vehicles with efficiency, comfort and safety.

Safety is essential these days. SERVNAC is ready to offer differentiated, efficient and integrated solutions to the best technology with the best trained professionals. They are signals from GSM, GPRS, GPS, onboard computers with embedded intelligence structuring the tracking system of all types of vehicles.

Thinking individually the needs of each customer, we are able to meet the most varied demands in tracking vehicles of all types. We have a range of services and strategic thinking to efficiently and efficiently carry out what you need.

The latest generation in technology at your disposal, with logistics, risk management and full vehicle control with real-time monitoring, 24 hours, integrating the best solution on the market to protect what is yours.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tracker?

Tracker is equipment used in vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses and agricultural machinery to monitor logistics and geographical information, location of the same, whether for security or monitoring purposes, fleet control and optimization of logistics procedures.

How does a vehicle blocker work?

The vehicle blocker is an equipment capable of blocking the ignition or fuel pump of the vehicle. If the vehicle is stolen or stolen, the customer should contact the 24-Hour Monitoring Center at 3265-8008 and request a Vehicle Lockout.

The Control Center tracks, monitors and locks the vehicle in a safe manner that does not cause damage to civilians and the vehicle. In addition to triggering the Recovery Team and also local authorities.

“It is difficult for a thief to notice the product installed, there are no sensors, no antenna, nothing that could cause the blocker to be identified.”

Panic button, what is it and how does it work?

It is a button that is connected next to the whip (tracker wiring) when triggered, it sends a beep (Type a Siren) to the monitoring center 24h.
The main reason is the driver’s safety! That’s right … of the driver, not the vehicle.

If the driver feels that he is in a dangerous situation, usually a hijacking, he triggers the Panic Button, allowing the company to monitor the vehicle online, and the company can also try to contact the driver.

How important is it to have my vehicle tracked?

This technology allows your vehicle to be tracked minute by minute while it is on. When turned off, the system will analyze every 15 minutes if there has been any unauthorized movement. All this information is made available through reports saved in system (SITE) and available to the user through App – Mobile.

What is the coverage area of the SERVNAC tracking system?

The SERVNAC tracking system has GSM / GPRS / GPS coverage throughout the country. It can suffer absence of GPRS signal according to the coverage of the mobile operator that we contract (CLARO or VIVO).

Can the SERVNAC tracking system be installed in any vehicle?

Yes. On any touring vehicle, utility, truck or agricultural machinery.

Does the Tracker interfere with the electronic system of the vehicle?

No. The installation is made following strict technical norms and by direct professionals of SERVNAC, so there is no interference in the electric / electronic system of the vehicle.

How to proceed in case of theft or theft of the vehicle?

In the event of theft or vehicle theft must immediately notify the Central Monitoring Center by telephone (85) 3265-8008 and also the police authority as soon as possible.

Qual o horário de funcionamento da Central em caso de roubo ou furto?

A Central de Atendimento de Roubo ou Furto e solicitação de manutenção funciona 24 horas por dia.

De onde é possível acessar o portal de Rastreamento e obter informações sobre o(s) meu(s) veículo(s)?

Através do nosso site é possível acessar de qualquer lugar do mundo onde haja um Computador ou Mobile através do App GConnect disponível para sistemas ANDROID e IOS com acesso à internet.

E quando meu veículo estiver numa área que não possui cobertura GSM? Como serão enviados os dados para o seu monitoramento?

Para isso nosso rastreador possui o sistema de caixa preta. Os dados das últimas posições ficam armazenados numa memória interna com até 2 mil posições. Logo que o veículo retorna para uma área com cobertura os dados são enviados à Central de Monitoramento, restabelecendo seu mapa de trajeto.

Quais as vantagens do Rastreador Veicular SERVNAC para Frotistas?

A última geração em tecnologia a sua disposição, com logística, gerenciamento de risco e controle total do veículo com monitoramento em tempo real, 24 horas.
Permite que o dono ou administrador da frota, visualize todos os veículos em uma só tela. Tenha acesso direto a relatórios como rotas por ruas, estradas e avenidas, horários de tráfego e paradas tanto dos veículos, quanto da frota em geral.