Electronic Bait for Charge

State-of-the-art technology to protect your assets.

Electronic bait for charge is a portable tracker with RF (radio frequency) technology and GPRS (cellular data signal m2m), with battery life of 7 days, 15 days or 30 days, and can be disposable or returnable. Using IOT concepts internet of things, big data and m2m.

The electronic bait or disposable crawler for cargo serves to locate stolen cargo, anti jammer, RF frequency technology sits inside a product crate while transporting a truck.

The cargo lure crawler should be placed inside the crate of some commodity at the time of loading the truck. During transportation if there is a theft or robbery, even if with jammer the bait will trigger rf technology and the intelligence service and prompt response will recover the load at the location that the tracker indicates.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to use a disposable rf bait crawler load?

The mobile tracker should be used to transport high value-added cargo such as medicine, tires, agricultural, electronic or any other cargo that has a high risk of theft during delivery logistics. With radiofrequency RF technology locate your charge.

How long is the battery life of the disposable or returnable bait for charging?

For both disposable and returnable bait crawlers you have battery life 7 days, 15 days or 30 days.

Can I use the bait for medicine or cigarettes?

ISCA SERVNAC, can be used in all types of merchandise, be it medicine, cigarette, electronic, perishable products and so on.

Can I use crawler bait in charge storage?

The electronic bait can be used while storing the product in your CD distribution center. If there is any theft the bait has battery for up to 30 days, so you can locate and save the load.

What is the best electronic bait load?

LOADING LOAD SERVNAC ST400 is considered by specialists the best crawler loader on the market. Approved by carriers and shippers, homologated by ANATEL and the best insurers, they minimize the risks involved in a transportation operation.

Is the cargo lure in the insurance policy?

SERVNAC ISCA DE CARGAS is a mandatory service to be hired by the insured to minimize the risk of theft damage. Insurers are using the bait in heavily targeted burglary charges. In GR (Risk Management) your cargo is tracked online 24 hours by a team that controls your driver’s journey step-by-step.

What is the coverage area of SERVNAC LOADS?

The mobile tracker has National coverage via Radio Frequency with fixed antennas or mobile guns and brooms, Immune to Jammer, GPRS coverage m2m data signal, portable load locator.

Ready aerial and terrestrial response throughout Brazil?

The ISCA DE CARGAS SERVNAC customer has prompt response coverage throughout Brazil, by car, motorcycle and helicopter, airplane or drone. With the activation our intelligence team comes into action and will recover its stolen cargo together with the local authorities with police or private security.

How does RF-MDI radio frequency work?

RF-MDI (radio frequency-modulation data-information) technology makes it possible to locate in enclosed sheds and chests, basements, and immune to the jammer.

Is it possible to customize the bait?

Yes, because we have our own engineering team, we have been able to create a customized project for your operations. We have already developed projects for transporting refrigerated loads, inside shoe soles and even inside televisions. Contact us to find out how together we will reduce your company’s losses.

Should I use the bait just because it's making me into the insurance policy?

No, transportation companies must constantly invest in their own safety. Nowadays, cargo-stealing gangs are becoming more and more professionalized. They act directly at their weak point, but if they realize that your company is investing in security, they will probably leave it out and steal companies that do not invest in it.

What is cargo virus and portable pager locator?

Electronic bait, mobile tracker, portable tracker, cargo locator, cargo virus, disposable bait, rf bait or rf tracker is a device that goes inside a box in the truck during transportation. In case of theft or theft a prompt response team can locate the merchandise through the signal that is issued from this device.

What types of communication are used in electronic bait for loads?

The bait use two kinds of communication technology, GPRS and RF.
The GPRS network is the cellular network, the bait has a chip that communicates through cellular antennas, where it has the operator’s signal, the bait works.

The RF (radio frequency) network is used as redundancy, when the cellular signal becomes unavailable, the bait automatically connects the RF signal and begins to send the signal to the central exchange. The RF signal is anti jammer, even if thieves use the signal blocker the bait will continue to position.

How does the monitoring center work with the bait signal?

The control panel works passively 24 hours, that is, the signal of the bait is positioned in the system, but the control panel will only act when requested. In the event of an accident, you must notify us at (85) 3265-8008. Thus the plant will follow step by step of its merchandise, will trigger the prompt response and local authorities.

Do I need to do some training to use the baits?

Yes, we first need to study your insurance policy and your PGR (risk management plan). After that we will create a strategy for your company. With this strategy in hand, we will train your personnel, with all the procedures to be adopted by your operation. This training can be in person, by phone or skype. Talk to one of our consultants to understand how electronic bait works.

What is jammer? Crawling bait

Known informally as “capetinha” or “chupa goat”, it is a signal blocking device. It can neutralize the signal from wifi, gprs (cellular network), bluetooth and satellite. As almost all crawlers use these technologies, it is often used during burglary.
There is a type of communication technology that is not blocked by Jammer, the radio frequency. The electronic bait has a dual communication system. In case of the use of jammer the bait automatically connects the RF signal and continues communicating with the company and the central monitoring.

Are There Electronic Jammer Anti Jammer?

Yes, all our baits use radio frequency as redundant communication, ie in case of using Jammer it continues to work. To better understand this type of technology talk to one of our consultants.

Which insurers are indicating in the policies the obligatory use of the rf bait?

Nowadays all insurers are forcing carriers to use the rf bait.
Allianz, Ace, Argo, AIG, Alfa, Bando do Brasil, Bradesco, Berkley, Chubb, Confidence, Essor, Faixfax, Generali, HDI, Itaú, Investprev, Liberty, Mitsui, Mutual, Noble, Porto Seguro, Safra, Swiss RE, Starr, RSA Seguros, Tokio Marine, Usebens, XL, Yasuda Maritima, Zurich.

Which Brokerages are using the electronic bait?

Brokers that work with cargo transportation insurance for both the shipper and the transporter use the bait, among which are:

Aon, Marsh, Pamcary, Apisul, Disconal, Rodobens, Willis, JLT, Lockton, Interbrok, Harmonia, PMR, G4 and many others.

What types of services are offered by the cargo tracker companies?

Know that all ranges of bait services end up going well beyond the monitoring centers. The initial idea is to provide a differentiated custom service for each of the types of operations determined.

Professionals who work with product engineering will be able to modify their shape and even configure the bait for differentiated loads, such as wet loads and properly cooled loads.