Armed and Disarmed Surveillance

Synonym of excellence and safety.

Protect your home with those who understand more about security in the state of Ceará. Ensure your peace of mind and the safety of the people you love. Hire the efficiency of a skilled team with the best technologies available. Protect what is important to you. This is what we have done best since 1987.

SERVNAC is synonymous with safety excellence. Using customized tools and services that analyze your real needs and risks. That way, we adequately position each demand, providing effective solutions to your security delivering exactly what you need in the best possible way. The quality of our service is attested by all our customers.

Properly regulated by the Federal Police and the Ministry of Justice, we provide armed and unarmed security services, with strictly trained professionals and a strong follow-up, recruitment and selection process. Besides we are always demanding constant qualification of our employees.