Who is leader in surveillance offers the best for you

It all began in 1987 with outsourcing of labor. From the beginning we had one thing in mind, to carry out work with maximum efficiency for each of our clients. It’s been decades and a lot has changed, but that same spirit is still present in the heart of SERVNAC.

We have expanded our positioning over the years, evolving from service providers to solution providers in various areas such as surveillance, tracking, personal security, concierge, cleaning and conservation. Today we are market leader in surveillance in the State of Ceará and one of the most competitive companies in all other areas.

This is all due to a lot of dedication, focus on the robustness and excellence of each solution and work done. We invest in technology, training, selection of personnel, technical improvements and tactics. Our thinking has always been forward and geared towards growth, but never forgetting our main mission, ensuring the best for each of our clients.

And even with all this success story we remain tireless in the pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement. Each day we look for new challenges with the certainty that, no matter the complexity of each new goal, we will be ready to achieve more success every day.

Conquering recognition in the market and in the heart of our customers. We are SERVNAC.


    • Vehicle tracking;
    • Armed and unarmed security;
    • 24 hour concierge;
    • Cleaning and conservation services;
    • Outsourcing of labor;
    • Armed escort;
    • Private security.


  • The SERVNAC Group’s mission is to provide the best services to its customers, guaranteeing security and quality in technology, through its specialized workforce and electronic equipment.


  • Make the SERVNAC Group the best company in its segment of service outsourcing, generating safety and quality of life for its internal and external customers.


  • Appreciation of man;
  • Commitment to the client;
  • Quality in services;
  • Improvement of technology;
  • Effective security;
  • Strengthening the dialogue with the client.